Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some Music

During the summer at least around here there are a ton of live bands playing.  After Labor day the live bands and out door music pretty much disappears.  So I thought I'd look for some music to listen to.

This band we heard at the Irish music festival and plays a great version of "The Mermaid" featured in the last videos post.

This one sent out to BB's Sun glasses and all the tools I've dropped in the lake over the years.

All about the Freckles.

This one like just like the bands around here doing covers of all kinds of stuff and she sounds good too.

This one really needs no introduction.  There's a house boat right down end of our dock named after this song. I really like the acoustics on this one.


  1. Hi there! It's always nice to find people from our area that sail. By the way, I LOVE the name of your boat...we have quite an affinity for Kraken Rum! We'll keep our eyes peeled for you next summer, maybe we can meet up in person at some point :) ~Jackie

  2. @skelton crew Thanks Jackie. With our little Typhoon we don't get to far out of Saugatuck but we are not hard to find. Hope to see you around.


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