Saturday, October 19, 2013

DN Season

With summer season coming to an end here in the North it is time to focus on the other boating season.   ICE BOATING!    This weekend I pulled down my new DN hull and got the second coat of paint on it.  I picked up an incomplete hull last year at the Gull Lake Ice Yacht Club swap meet to replace my old hull.  I managed to get all the rigging moved over and the 1st coat of paint on before last season, but never got the time to get a second coat of paint on it or get it out on the ice.  After the second coat the blue paint gleams as you can see the reflections of the ceiling in the pictures below.   I can't get over just how much sleeker this new hull is than my old one.  It makes me think perhaps I need to update the rig that goes on top off it.  Well maybe at this years swap meet.    Is it time for winter to start?   I"m not a big fan of these intermediary seasons.  I could skip Thanksgiving.       Now everyone ........."Think ICE!"...........   It's time for a early winter this year.

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