Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Spinnaker Blocks

I bit the bullet here and decided it was time to suck it in and climb my way to the back of the Typhoon.  This has been some time in the planning but just hasn't happened until today.  I've been using my Genoa blocks for my Spinnakers for sometime now. With the new full mast length spinnaker the time has come to set up some proper blocks at the stern of the boat.  

Into the black abyss

Sky light.
Thru bolts

In the following picture you can see the difference this will make.  When I'm heading up I can get a lot more out of the kite turning 10-12 degrees higher.

Genoa, Spinnaker blocks
 For my final set up I plundered the blocks and stand up springs off my ice boat. The mount is through the taft rail one bolt and the rear is actually a screw.  I was a bit worried a bolt on the aft might puncture the hull.  I can tie off the sheet lines at the rear dock cleats or run my line backup into the cockpit.
Final set up 


  1. Chris, I'm so with you on the genoa track setup. Had my 1st Mate crawl under the bunks for that mission.......early blog entry.

    I'm wondering why the springblock on the taff rail? But you're going to use it for your spinnaker and tie it off on the aft cleat? Are you certain the taff has enough strength underneath that spring block?

  2. I just had the springs blocks from my old ice boat. I switched them out with a pin clasp system on my DN. Guess I didn't really need the springs but they keep them from banging around on the deck. I hope the taff rail will hold. I'm not seeing any signs of a problem yet.


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