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Sailing with a 4 year old.

Around a year ago I published a post about sailing alone with a three year old.  Today I thought hey he's a whole year older.  Sailing alone with a four year old is different than a three year old.  Sure three and four year old's both want to help and be engaged.    However the four year old is far more capable of "helping out" on the Typhoon.  This can be good, it can also be bad.

Four year old's remember stuff.  They know where you put those sail ties and can retrieve them for you.

Four year old's remember stuff and will tell on you.

Four year old's are stronger so when it comes to light wind days they can actually trim the jib.  "Maybe next year we will learn to tie off cleats."

Four year old's are stronger so they can break things more readily.

Four year old's can help rinse the deck with a hose when you are cleaning.

Four year old's have their own ideas about how clean the boat should be, and may fill your access hatches with w…

Spinnaker Blocks

I bit the bullet here and decided it was time to suck it in and climb my way to the back of the Typhoon.  This has been some time in the planning but just hasn't happened until today.  I've been using my Genoa blocks for my Spinnakers for sometime now. With the new full mast length spinnaker the time has come to set up some proper blocks at the stern of the boat.  

In the following picture you can see the difference this will make.  When I'm heading up I can get a lot more out of the kite turning 10-12 degrees higher.

 For my final set up I plundered the blocks and stand up springs off my ice boat. The mount is through the taft rail one bolt and the rear is actually a screw.  I was a bit worried a bolt on the aft might puncture the hull.  I can tie off the sheet lines at the rear dock cleats or run my line backup into the cockpit.