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Varnish Wooah's

It's been a while since I've posted.  Oh well, I've been busy sailing.  I finally stopped long enough to do the maintenance coat on the varnish.  My wife got home from work and I made a B-line for the door.  I spent a warm warm summer evening scuffing and coating the varnish.  I thought I'd done a pretty decent job with the exception of one location where I knew I had a run but couldn't get it to work out.  I figured I'd scuff it out in a few days and touch up the area.
Now the problem.  I ended up with a heavy dew setting in that night.  The result was a a glazed effect on all of the teak I'd done the night before.  
I was less than thrilled.  After a couple of days of grousing about it, I headed down again.  This time on a warm/hot morning.  I ended up scuffing up all the teak with some 220 sand paper and then going over it again with a fine 3M scuff pad.  It was at this point I was thinking "letting the teak go gray sounds pretty good."  Turn…