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Cape Dory Typhoon Masthead spinnaker fitting

Masthead Spinnaker Fitting on " Kraken ".  Cape Dory Typhoon.  Cape Dory Typhoon Spinnaker Fitting. Cape Dory Typhoon Cape Dory Typhoon Spinnaker Set up.

A removable compression post

So this season I have been gearing up and changing my rigging around bit by bit as I find pieces here and there.  My ultimate goal is to  rig up a mast top spinnaker for use later in the season.  So far, I've got the mast head halyard set up.  Today I took the next step and installed a removable compression post.  My Typhoon has the saddle supports that came with older Cape Dorys but I thought it best to add a bit of extra support before trying out the mast head spinnaker. So here is what you will need:  A nice piece of teak, two other (less nice) hardwood boards for underneath the floor cut to 4 1/2 inches,  epoxy, 3M permanent mounting tape and a master lock adjustable door jam.. I routered the teak to give it a soft edge for when I bang my head into it.   Nice board ready to install. Setting the Teak upper. I drilled holes in the back of the teak plate to match the mast step through bolts.  I did not remove the mast step and put extended bolts on.  I wanted a smoot