Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rainy Day Project and Bronze Ports.

The drought here has finally broken.  We've had several days or rain and there is just not much that can get done on the boat at this point.  So I pulled the tiller back off and brought it in for the day.  After several different wrap attempts I finally settled on this.  It really looks neat and the double braid line color goes really well with the new anti-skid.  The pictures really don't do this justice.  One of these days I'm going to get a better camera...  "I'll have to quit buying boat parts."   Yeah I'm probably never getting a better camera. 

top side
close up
head on

Bronze port
Hillbilly Bronzing:  I looked at bronze ports at over a $100 a piece they are a bit down the road with regard to this project.  However Rustoleum metallic paint is $22 dollars so this seems like a good option.    "Maybe I will get that camera after all."  Tape it off sand the old chrome spray it, easy peasy.  These where originally chromed and the chrome had rubbed off in many places.  The bronze paint matches pretty well to the cleats and other bronze work however BB says they're a bit oranger.
Bronze Port.

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